Toyah off Coronation Street

Bit of a pointless return so far tbh

That name takes me back!

You’re not wrong. Just creating a wee bit of angst.

No Spider Nugent on the horizon :frowning:


Is Maria still in it? Well fancied her when I lived at home and Coronation St was on the telly.

Also what about Kevin Webster? Wasn’t there a scandal with him?

He was great

She is! She is currently boffing Shayne Ward on it

Kevin Webster’s still going, he was on trial for sex offences in real life that turned out to be false. He is still managing the garage but has experienced hardships recently so his daughters are doing a window round to help him out

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Weird when pop stars end up in soaps.

Quite good though eh

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Fizz and her son were playing with Scout Jnr the other day. Is she still in it?

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I hope Schmeichel the dog is still in it, that was Fizz’s dog right?

That was a ghost, Ant.

Do you remember in Home and Away when Alf Stewart had a near death experience and was a black man in it?

It’s a mystery

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She is! Shes training to be a massage therapist

Schmeichel the dog is no longer with ua though


Vic Reeves is joining it!