Toys R BUst

Won’t somebody think of the children?*
*3000 workers now unemployed.
Naht cool.

Post your favourite memories of Toys R Us in here.
I liked it when they tried to change the jingle and then it came back because everyone was like “Nah, mate, It’s a classic leave it”
Was all down here after that.
Please, no Smyth’s chat

Jeffery :frowning:


think online retailers should pay additional tax to make up for the fact people browse real shops then go online

Real shops are a bit like cash aren’t they these days? Not really much point.



Obviously coffee shops and sandwich shops and the like are still needed.

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Now where will the millions of geoffrey go? :disappointed:


Last time I went a few weeks ago, there was no lego on the shelves.

Naomi Klein’s follow up not proving popular.


what about Babies R us?

Had to Google that reference… nicely done.

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Woking TRU is/was a fucking institution! Need to send my wife in to pick through the bones.


I remember as a kid when the Lincoln (UTI) branch opened and I was pure giddy with excitement. Always loved riding bicycles around there but tbf I do this in Decathers on the regs now.

Fuck them.

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Good memories of begging my mum to take me to the Purley Way Toys R Us after trips to IKEA and walking around looking at toys we couldn’t afford. Always had good video game demo units.

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First time I ever used the internet was at a Toys R Us. GBOL

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Probably the single most iconic thing in Woking


Yeah, fuck Weller, fuck HG Wells… it’s all about Geoffrey.


remember never being taken there despite always being desperate to go, and then when i finally went in in my 20s to get something for some relative having a baby and it was pure hell (obviously). I’ve got nothing else on file about ToyRUs I’m afraid

Fuck them.