Toys R BUst

Won’t somebody think of the children?*
*3000 workers now unemployed.
Naht cool.

Post your favourite memories of Toys R Us in here.
I liked it when they tried to change the jingle and then it came back because everyone was like “Nah, mate, It’s a classic leave it”
Was all down here after that.
Please, no Smyth’s chat

Jeffery :frowning:


Real shops are a bit like cash aren’t they these days? Not really much point.



Obviously coffee shops and sandwich shops and the like are still needed.

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Now where will the millions of geoffrey go? :disappointed:


Last time I went a few weeks ago, there was no lego on the shelves.

Naomi Klein’s follow up not proving popular.


what about Babies R us?

Had to Google that reference… nicely done.

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Woking TRU is/was a fucking institution! Need to send my wife in to pick through the bones.


I remember as a kid when the Lincoln (UTI) branch opened and I was pure giddy with excitement. Always loved riding bicycles around there but tbf I do this in Decathers on the regs now.

Fuck them.

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Good memories of begging my mum to take me to the Purley Way Toys R Us after trips to IKEA and walking around looking at toys we couldn’t afford. Always had good video game demo units.

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First time I ever used the internet was at a Toys R Us. GBOL

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Yeah, fuck Weller, fuck HG Wells… it’s all about Geoffrey.


remember never being taken there despite always being desperate to go, and then when i finally went in in my 20s to get something for some relative having a baby and it was pure hell (obviously). I’ve got nothing else on file about ToyRUs I’m afraid

Fuck them.

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Fuck them.