Tracking threads not showing new posts

I mainly browse this site just through the “unread” page. I track new threads when they’re made and dismiss the ones I’m not interested in.

Lately my unread tab has been much quieter, I thought it was just that the boards are quieter but I looked on the “Latest” page, and threads I’m tracking were showing up at the top without the blue dot showing the new posts.

If I click into them, it takes me straight to the newest post, and still says I’m tracking them. The Love Life, Barbenheimer and Shitposting threads (all the important stuff, obvs) aren’t giving me the blue dots or showing up in Unread when there’s new posts. And if I do go in the thread it skips past the ones I haven’t seen straight to the latest post.

Anybody else had this? Don’t suppose you’d notice if you don’t use the Unread page.

Not sure how to resolve it when it still says they’re being tracked.