Tracks to run to - suggestions please


Atari teenage riot.



i hate the gym and hate running - it’s super boring! so music is essential to get through it. plus i only have adrenaline when music is involved or moments of extreme stress! (results in quite the show when i gig but useless otherwise!)
these are after tons of test runs and repeated success (most suit rowing too):
most are albums so u can Ieave it running btw…
nevermind - who would have thought, eh?
FNM - album of the year
Iimp bizKit - chocolate starfish or goId cobra (hilarious fun & suits it weII)
ratm - any album
RHCP - i’m with you (1st half)
die antwoord - tension
janes addiction - great escape artist
smashing pumpkins - machina or rotten apples (hits)
chinese democracy by GNR
compiled oId school electro 80’s (bambatta/dre/ice t/arabian prince & more)
that’II do for now though i swear i’m missing a few out.

for the journey home - prince: Iovesexy/<+)o/1999/musicoIogy albums and ‘extraIovabIe’ (preferably ‘reloaded’ version) or erotic city singles. (any album by The Time too!) :slight_smile:


A few current playlist highlights:
Blanck Mass - Dead Format
Justice - Stress
Three Trapped Tigers - Kraken / Rainbow Road / Hemisphere
Oneohtrix Point Never - Lift / Sticky Drama
Mogwai - Remurdered

Couldn’t imagine running with nothing to drown out the heavy breathing!