Tracks you can happily listen to over and over again for ages


perfect. two chords bouncing off surfaces forever, or something.


always been kind of obsessed with the harmonies and melody and structure of this since i was like 5 years old. my mum has a big collection of 60s girl group stuff cos i guess she was a teeny bopper in her day. anyway i go back to it constantly, especially when i’m in a shitty mood. fucking love the shangri-las:


Said it yesterday, and it seems appropriate here. This song is infinitely loopable:

So good.



The first time I listened to Connan Mockasin’s debut, I’m not sure how it happened, but my media player somehow got stuck on repeat once this song started:

I had it on a loop for over 50 minutes without really noticing. I think I could quite happily do that again.


addictively repetitive tracks i never want to end:


CAN - Future Days.

YouTube’s a dick though and doesn’t have it.


this came on at work yesterday - does Bowie feature in it? there’s a bit that sound well like him



Bowie does not feature. What bit reminded you of him? Was it the staccato sort of bit at the end? No idea if “staccato” is the right word to use there.


fucking love that song bud. vivid memories.

my mam and her best friend both left their husbands at the same time when i was about 8 or 9. took me, my brother and her three lads up to live in a caravan in scotland together for a few months in summertime and listened to that record endlessly. unpleasant to think but that was the happiest i ever saw either of them. my mam and dad got back together and her friend got back together with her husband.

mam’s friend died a couple of years ago and had this as her song at the funeral, was wailing. she was the most impressive person i’ve ever met probably.


great song but it primarily reminds me of Father Noel Furlong


I love The Waterboys. They’re a great live band too. They don’t always play The Whole of the Moon, but when they do, everyone in the band tends to have huge grins on their faces. It’s like they’re saying “yes, we love this song too.”


i’m going mad.


I know the drummer in the current lineup a bit. He seems to have a massive amount of fun playing with them.

I just love this song, it has so much joy in it.



Beach boys - cool cool water

Once looped it for about an hour while doing housework and it was great


another vote for davidoff cool cool water


Ever since I first heard it on the closing credits of 90s low budget sci-fi flick Hardware, I’ve not been able to get enough. This is what you want, this is what you get, this is what you want, this is what you get, this is what you want…


For a while I was obsessed with Frank Ocean - Pyramids. Not the short version you find around, but the proper LP version that shifts and changes. Can’t find a link to the full version anywhere.