Trademark question for @Epimer or anyone else


Some chancers in Ireland have set up a website that is our website but with .ie rather than .com

The design is a wholesale ripoff, what they do is the same, even the logo is practically indistinguishable.

The powers that be don’t seem especially fussed, but can you just get away with that?


Irish DiS?

Fucking bastards.


I posted on the equivalent of Irish DiS for a long time. Awful, awful place.


Corktalk was a mistake.


Oh yeah, by “our website”, I mean the company I work for, rather than the company where I do all my work (which is DiS).


Just because they ripped off Coal Talk’s name doesn’t mean it was a bad forum!


Dere’s more to oireland dan


How do you know you haven’t ripped them off?


Not up to date on my domain name shenanigans, but if your company existed first then no, they can’t do that and get away with it.

But you’d need to be willing to pursue it yourself.


We’re through the looking glass here people.




Fuck 'em anyway, potato munching vermin.


Brexit Tory colonialist racist scum!


@safetywink, where are you!?!?


links please this sounds funny (by pm if necessary)


Right here bae :wink: