Flighty creatures. Turned up at 10.45, drank two cups of tea and ripped some shit up and already off for some lunch.


How did you source them?


It’s a carpenter and a plumber. I have used the plumber before (got through checkatrade) and he’s brought the carpenter with him.


Does this mean you’ll be able to take a shit downstairs this Christmas?


I bet at least one of them is on top of the world right now.


They are fitting us in and will be fine by the end of Jan… Could shit in a bucket if you like?


No need, but thank you for the kind offer.


Is there any work for the carpenter to do or is he just a mate?


My guess is he will be in charge of the flooring and stuff wall and that shit. As a white collar man I have no idea.


Good omen to have a carpenter in the house this close to Christmas according to that Cliff Richard tune