Tragedy at Astroworld Festival (cw. Death)

Just woken up to see the terrible news coming out of Astroworld Festival in Houston last night :frowning:

CW. Some Details

So awful. Hope everyone who is being treated makes a full recovery both physically and mentally.

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Only just seen about this and it’s just absolutely horrendous. Fuck.

(Sorry @roastthemonaspit I can’t find the other thread to post in.)

Not sure that’s the right thread

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Yeah, I pasted the wrong link originally, fixed now


If it is then the fact I have Sport muted would be why I can’t see it.

Ah thanks. The site normally pulls in preview text on links for searches I thought but I guess not for Beeb ones.

this is so sad

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Can’t stop thinking about this. The more I see shit like this the more angry I get

Travis Scott is a fucking moron

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Its just fucking devastating. Why wouldnt he stop when he saw the lights in the crowd? even if someone is saying to keep going you’d just stop everything.

Saw some footage of someone getting up on the camera podium saying someone has died and to stop the show and she just gets ignored. Not going to watch anymore footage now it’s too much.

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Posted this, then noticed it’s been covered here already.

Kanye is a fucking thundercunt