Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


Mountain Battle Song, a bonus track from Lost Songs, is well worth checking out too.


Support in Glasgow was godawful.

Weird crowd but the band were pretty good and yer man was more engaged than I had feared. Mistakes and regrets was shite but the rest of their set was performed with some gusto.

Couple of good source tags songs and a spirited whack at ‘will you smile’ which sparked pleasant memories of seeing them in King Tut’s back in the day.

Despite it being very enjoyable it has sparked a conversation between me and my pal about avoiding legacy gigs as we’ve recently done teenage fanclub, massive attack and this. We’ve made a pledge to seek out new gigs - we already have Spielbergs next week but hopefully we’ll queue a few more fresh young thangs.


This is my second nostalgia gig in ten days.

Really enjoyed this one (not so much Massive Attack.)


Yeah massive attack was massively underwhelming


only caught the second support but yeah they were atrocious.

ToD were great i thought.


when they did Mistakes in Manchester, Conrad’s voice seemed to have some effect on it to make it deeper and louder


To be honest I’ve seen them loads and they’ve never done that song justice.


^ This.

As great as it was to see the old stuff, I’d probably have preferred the spontaneity of a normal gig tbh. Don’t want to sound too down on it - I did really enjoy it. Blasting out an Avalanches mixtape in the car on the way home was probably more fun though. Full on Hall & Oates singalong at one point.


Worlds Apart might be my favourite TOD album I think.

Anyway, seeing them tomorrow! :smiley:


pretty sure that was my mate’s band :joy:

who i should clarify that i actually really like


Relistening to Tao of the Dead now.

Almost wall to wall bangers.


Well tell your mate they were 10/10 fantastic {I mean they weren’t for me but there’s no need to slag a guy off).


there were two supports btw, so there’s a 50% chance you weren’t slagging him off


Oh, I missed the first mob. Second mob were guys in their 40s/50s trying to do some sort of teenage fanclub sort of thing.




Me too - def my favourite.


nah that definitely wasn’t them, they’re full-on MBV shoegaze stuff

#198 i really love this video



Its Rest Will Follow being performed on TV


Adore this one