Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


Quite like the awful music video of same song.


Never listened to it before? Its brilliant!
Tao of The Dead 3 ep worth a go too.


This has just caused me to put Source Tags & Codes on. Last FM (which is pretty much 98% accurate) tells me I last listened to it in 2011 :expressionless:

Another Morning Stoner tho <3


Dreadful innit, remember this coming on MTV and thinking ‘christ, lads’


It’s so ‘them’ though if you know what I mean.
But aye with all the big label cash they spaffed it on bad cgi, saving the world with rock and dressing up like Austin Powers :rofl:


I have the opposite memory, can remember it coming on, midday on a Saturday on Scuzz. That, Setting Fire by Dillinger and Love Rhymes by Blood Brothers.

First time I heard any of them bands


We should have a scuzz reminiscing thread


Mullet Man compering?


i agree with both of those pitchfork scores


I give this opinion 4/10




:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

into Mark David Chapman!!! love how fully Picciotto Neil’s vocals are on that

fuckin look at that crowd and that glorious summer day



I was there, was well good


Was at that.


My favourite ToD album right there. It’s criminally underrated and should be regarded as a classic.


I was there too. Brilliant set and an all round amazing line up that year.


Hilarious use of that meme there


it’s pretty much my favourite live performance vid on the internet


Saw them at Leeds that same year and they were really disappointing. Guess they were totally hungover from Reading.


What an immense track this is.