Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full




Marc? MARC!?!?!!!


Joining you there. Easily my favourite of theirs too.


Been rinsing these recently. Think there is a shout that they are one of the most under rated bands ever


I was there too, it was so hot my friend fainted immediately after their set. Went straight to the tent after to see GBV, good times.


I think we went to that one day for Reading to see them because we’d had such fun at the NME gig at the start of the year. Mogwai were one of the last acts on that Saturday although I seem to recall the last train back was early enough we didn’t hear much of them.


I’m going to listen to Worlds Apart again now. I remember buying it on the day of release despite feeling like Source Tags & Codes had been a step down from Madonna (basically I love it apart from Baudelaire and another later track (Days of Being Wild or Relative ways I think - the MP3 tagging was fucked due to UK editions having the extra track and me never noticing)

But yeah, I was massively disappointed in World’s Apart and took it back to Sister Ray (or was it a different name then?) the next day*. Not sure what I swapped it for, though. It was just so overblown and lacking the really good songs: I mean if you don’t rate A Perfect Teenhood and Totally Natural is the apex of this band are you really even a fan? :wink:

Recall the CD package being very cool, though with a second disc that was maybe a DVD or something.

* Remember the days when you had to take it back as soon as possible to avoid it just being assumed you’d ripped a copy. (Of course I ripped a copy but I never listened to it and long since dumped the disc.)


Big fan of printing out a setlist for playing an album in full, TBH.

“Right lads, I’d made a setlist because who knows if anyone will remember what comes next even after all those rehearsals.”


Thought they were pretty, pretty good last night, but the sound was a bit gash. Could barely hear the guitars.


Storeys Field centre is such a bizarre location for any gig let alone a Trail Of Dead gig. (We went there for Laura Veirs a few months ago). Half expected to be asked to split into groups of six and be handed some flipchart paper.


Yeah! I liked it because I’m old and boring but you’re absolutely right, it’s not exactly CBGB, is it.

(talking out my arse now) I’ll be interested to see what other loud bands sound like in there, because it’s an oddly tall room for its size and I wonder if that has implications for the sound balance.


World’s Apart was just a bit dull, sorry guys.


two songs on it that I like, the first one/two and Caterwaul


yeah I listened back to it after all epimer’s chat. a generous 4/10 album


Good album inmy imho opinion


lol at when he goes full Liam Gallagher in ‘Let It Ride’


I agree those are the highlights, but I think the one about Michael Jackson was pretty good too. Overall though it seemed like they couldn’t choose between trying to write a prog epic and a breakthrough alt-rock hit.


Naa, it’s the best one.


I think that’s fair enough, it’s 20 years old. Not like you go to practice and just play the album front to back, probably songs theyve never really played live etc.


yeah, they’re a strange band aren’t they? saw them in 2002 on the Source Tags tour, which was incredible - was at Leeds Uni too, so they were shifting a fair amount of tickets back then. Recently saw them at Club Academy in Manchester a good few years back now - might’ve been 2014 or something? they were good, but seeing them in a much smaller venue was a bit weird.

£20-ish seems a bit steep too, not sure if this has contributed to smaller crowds and not selling out venues, but hey ho. Some of the later albums are pretty decent - Tao Of The Dead isn’t a masterpiece, but deffo has moments. World’s Apart is good too. They had a little EP just after Source Tags too called The Secret of Elena’s Tomb - that’s awesome.