Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


I’d love them to say “that’s it, we cant play any of these songs for a while, next few years will be all post Worlds Apart songs”

Reckon it would give them a new lease of life.


Isnt that basically what they did from COTS and TOTD? Reenergised! New! TOD are back with songs that arent quite as good as the old ones but they’re trying OK!


Pretty sure I have seen them tour around everyone of their albums from Madonna on, and the set has been essentially the same.


Are they still playing that awful 20 minute totally natural jam?


It was more contained on this tour but that will be to do with set placement


Last time i saw it they were looking at eachother like ‘this is a bit shite isnt it’


They do stretch Teenhood out for ages


It got a bit Fred Durst guitar solo last night.


Never mind


I couldn’t really hear the guitars that well at the Manchester gig tbh. dunno it it was just where I was stood?

could hear loads of bass, though. yer man adding in all those unnecessary extra bits.


I guess? I was thinking back to when we realised playing the same set each gig was probably a better option, so we’d do the entire set at least once in each rehearsal just as we’d play it live. It made sure we got very good at it and super slick. I assumed they were touring this a lot and always in order so I’d be surprised if they need the set list to know that bit of it. I’d imagine it’s there more for people who get the setlist than the band. Just a bit light joshing!


I was at that, absolute stormer of a gig, I remember it being packed as well!


Just a reminder innit, some of the dudes werent in the band then, some songs will need more work than others


I’d hope those dudes were full big fans who played Madonna over and over :smiley:


leave trail of dead alone, theo!


Madonna is the don (na). Love that album so much. In fact those first three albums do get a lot of play still.


Brighton was… OK… it’s a shame as I was dead excited


There is an acoustic track on that EP called Counting off the Days, love it.


I find that to be a common problem with gigs lately. It used to be really muffled vocals or missing bass but recently that’s all fine, it’s just that the guitars tend to completely vanish into the mix. It makes the melody almost impossible to follow if you didn’t already know the songs inside-out.

I had that at the Cloud Nothings gig I was at a few weeks back, for newbies it must have just sounded like a guy scremaing over the top of some (killer) drums. I had fun because they put some energy and fire into the performance but musically … sad times.


oh yeah, that’s gorgeous that one. the mad electronic one at the end, Intelligence, is really quite good too.