Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


Not sure, we think this might be the 1st. The My Vitriol date was re-arranged and Conrad Keely didn’t play the re-arranged date (did he play any of the dates in the end?)


And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dad


@shucks m8 are you MadINna for this?


Think @jordan_229 is going


I just listened to this album for the first time in years yesterday - its just Jason and Conrad and some session musicians at this point, right?


London Garage - Feb 1


Has there been an official announcement of the tour? Want to see all the dates before I decide where to book.


I’ve not seen anything from the band themselves, ticketmaster and see tickets have lists of dates, whether they’re comprehensive I don’t know.



Cambridge date!

@thewarn @83746725 @shucks THIS IS NOT A DRILL TICKETS ON SALE AT 10am


Ta. I was hopeful for an Edinburgh date, but Glasgow it is. :+1:


What’s that venue?

no I won’t google


New one up in Eddington. @colon_closed_bracket has been


Ticket bought!


No Irish shows booo


Yep, saw Laura Veirs there. Nice venue, cheap drinks, arse end of nowhere though.


Was there parking? I can potentially pick people up from Cambridge North and drive them over.


There’s a limited amount of parking outside the venue but there are side-roads nearby. Wouldn’t be too bad from :fireworks: Cambridge North :fireworks:


Sorting out at the mo…waiting for confirmation on Cambridge/Bedford/that London.


Looks like Bedford for me.