Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


there’s no Kevin Allen but the line up has been the same since like 2011/2012


You’re breaking my heart.

might do both tbqfh


can’t believe its 20 years since i last saw them, very exciting! Tiny pub in brum, should be ridiculously party


Liked this before realising it’s the same night as Low, and that it’s probably just as well as we’ve seen them a bunch of times and I dont need to further reinforce the fact that gigs for us these days almost exclusively seem to involve seeing bands we’ve seen loads of times before (like Low).


Trail of Dead!
Trail of Dead!

I got my ticket for Glasgow - is that still technically Cambridge North @Epimer?


Sure, tell me what train you’re on and I’ll give you a lift in to the Art School, but you might need to get out and push on Scott Street.


They are playing in Bath? Interesting. Not sure if the logistics work from Bristol but I’ll see how it goes. Komedia as the name suggests is a comedy venue.


Brighton ticket purchaysed


That Bath show is wildly ambitious.


Bedford will be to do with Craig from Spoilers/Ice Sea Dead People, he designed their website back in the day and has played with them a few times


Considering driving to this from Cardiff, also ambitious on a tuesday


Take a coat, because that is going to be roomy as hell.


If they ever get sick of touring Madonna/Source Tags and decide to move on to Worlds Apart, I for one would probably go


Conrad has said the new Lp is sounding like World’s Apart.


Jesus wept


10 dates in the UK seems… unnecessary.


I prefer it when bands just do one show in That London


They’ve added a Newcastle show on 3rd February

Conveniently this is the weekend I’m moving there



“Trail of dead”


“Trail of dead”


Man i love the whole vibe of that record, so good