Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full




Can’t believe I’m gonna get to see Mark David Chapman played live soon


Who singing it tho


well that’s the one slightly disappointing thing, but I assume Conrad will do a decent enough job (he did fine with Baudelaire last year tbf)

...Trail Of The Dead uk tour

£25 for a ticket :rofl:


Yeah I haven’t bought one yet for that reason


what’s the lineup here? jason, conrad and two other bozos?


Aye, been the same members for a while now


Is it still the Bass player that looks like Chris Smalling?


I think so! In a band with Walter Schriefels too


Line up! Line up!

Get your tickets for Jason, Conrad and the Two Bozos here!!


Walked past the venue they are playing in Bath yesterday. I thought “50 in, maybe 75”.


They were pretty great with that lineup when I saw the Lost Songs tour so I wouldn’t write them off!


‘The Madonna Show. An Audience with Conrad, Jason and friends’


Quite looking forward to this tbh.


Pretty sure I went to that tour and enjoyed it very much. The Bristol Academy was dead though. I was on the barrier, could go to the bar for a pint, then come back to the same spot.


Dreadful gig that. To be fair, they said the same after, but Christ. They were amazing in the same room on the Source Tags tour, funnily enough.


Yeah tbf I saw them with Kevin on the Century of Self tour and they all looked bored as fuck

Seen them twice since and theres been a lot more energy to it


They can def still be good. Their ATP show, whichever year that was, with the current line up, was a total banger, for instance.


Anyone going tonight then and know of a spare ticket? My old band Spoilers are supporting at 7:15(!) (TOD are on at 9) and yet I still can’t blag my way in!