Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


7.15! I’ll try and get down there for them though. Are there any other supports, or does the venue need to be clear by 10.00 for a clubnight or something?

(I don’t have a spare ticket, sorry)


Yeah there’s is another support and yes there is a clubnight after at 11


Theyre playing Source Tags in Manc as well, is this standard for the tour?


Where’d ya hear that??

If that’s true I may have to pie Beak> off that night…


On the same night?!


And @theconsultant apparently so, the organisers put it on the event page for Manchester laat night


god i hope so. Seeing them tonight.

They been any good anyone?


Can you please confirm tomorrow whether this is the case?

Seeing them on Thursday.

Seen them loads and I’ll be honest a couple of times they’ve been sub-par but that first time seeing them on the source tags and codes tour remains my favourite gig of all time.


Yea of course :smiley: Just had a quick look around and everything seems to just say “and other songs” so who knows

I haven’t seen them since they toured madonna the first time around where they were phenomenal so can’t wait to be honest.



Holy moly. Wasn’t sure on Newcastle tomorrow but if they might do that as well…


Wow. That may tip the scales for me. I suspect it’s because there’s no support. Don’t quote me on that tho.


That and it’s not selling well enough so far :wink:

Can confirm this is true because I was there with the band and promoter whey agreed upon it. They’d have done it last night if they hadn’t had such an early curfew and also did it in Paris on the first night.

Just a quick review, the sound was a bit quiet but they were great. Clare de Lune was gorgeous and I may have cried a bit to Mark David Chapman


Had an absolute blast at their London show last night! They played a few tracks from Source Tags & Codes, but like Severed mentioned it was an early curfew so didn’t get the whole album (did get a very energetic rendition of Will You Smile Again For Me as a closer as well which was a bonus!)


Fuck me…


Was it busy?


Just shy of a sell out


Atm it sounds like this is a Manchester only thing


There are supports, Spoilers (who are GREAT) and Husky Loops (who suck)


Did feel the crowd were a bit flat until the encore perhaps?