Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


Pleased to hear that


Aye, wasn’t really until the last few songs of Madonna and the encore where I felt the crowd started to get into it more. Was certainly a bit flat compared to the Fucked Up crowd last week anyway!


Yea its a fairly small venue in brum and it still hadn’t sold out last time i checked so this doesn’t surprise me


Didn’t do all of source tags but they were still pretty great. Not sure how much was nostalgia and how good they actually were, but it was pretty party and everyone was loving it so yea, i was pleased.

Had a quick chat with Conrad though and he seemed a bit of an arse. He was leathered though, and i was so it was probably a both of us. Just didn’t seem to be that happy playing madonna every night!

Haven’t been to a gig which was such a sausage fest for quite some time also. unreal.


Chatted with him back in 2000ish and he was dead nice. Last tour I saw them, it just seemed they couldn’t be arsed.


Yea, this was the vibe i got off him. The bass player seemed the most into it


the bassist is kinda managing the band so he literally puts the most into it at this point


Well I thought they were bloody excellent at The Brudenell last night, no sign of them not enjoying themselves.


Predictions for crowd size in Bath tonight.

I’m going for 150.




Wonder if anyone can confirm?


Feel like there’s a parallel universe where TOD playing Madonna would be among the most eagerly anticipated shows of the year. Guess the exclusivity is diluted slightly by line up changes and overexposure maybe. Kinda sad.


Yeah I’m surprised by the lukewarm response this is getting, especially since they’re still releasing pretty good music so it’s not like they’ve fallen off a cliff (doing a Weezer)


the line up is really good too, and they’ve been together for a while now

bit of a shame there’s not two drummers any more (was a novelty I got a kick out of) but they’re still very solid


And that they always play all the good ones off Madonna and STAC anyway, so this isn’t really a thing.


I was very excited when it was announced and was really looking forward to it. The reality just didn’t quite live up to that. Was a fun night but they themselves were a bit flat.


ST&C gig in dublin was bloody epic

Unfortunate to hear this


I’ll ask my pals in the support band :wink:


P.s did anyone go see Spoilers?


Friend elsewhere tells me “fairly busy, but you know, some room”.

I need numbers godammit!