Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


Yeah I had a bloody great time at that too!
They seem to be really bad at letting people know theyre actually touring. I reckon that isnt helping the crowd numbers.
Even on my tickets for that gig they got the band name wrong :smile:


Conrad gave up caring around So Divided


Extremely excited for tonight


I like So divided

Sunken Dreams is excellent


There’s a good EPs worth of songs on it but it was more the shows around that time just seemed tired and lazy


Saw them in Oxford on that tour and remains the best I’ve seen them tbh. Although all I had to compare it to at that point was one of the infamous support slots with Audioslave.






remember when they toured with Dethklok?

Odd decisions then


Saw em in brum and they were bad, by far the worst ive seen them. Everyone’s allowed an off night but they just seemed like they didnt care. Cant remember who was support but loads of people left meaning ToD played to a half empty room.


Had never heard of these but am now fascinated by this ‘melodic death metal’ band


Ouch. Got the impression that this tour may be their last but after reading that, who knows?


They’ve been recording a new LP and posting on Instagram about it.


I caught them in Leeds, I thought they were great, really enjoyed them.


Fun fact, our first show as Spoilers was at Brudenell, it was a disaster :joy:


Had a bloody ruddy great time last night, but there was something a little flat about it

The audience (about 3/4 full? Club Academy is deceivingly big) seemed a little off, but I put that down maybe to people wanting to actually listen to and experience the songs.

I think the band half into it, half not. Conrad and Jason seemed to be having a blast but the other 2 weren’t doing much. The guitarist basically stood there and strummed for the whole thing. When it was Kevin doing that, he got away with it because there were 5 other members, but now there’s just 4, it did detract from the energy a bit

It was still fantastic fun though, I actually forgot how good Source Tags was


I think this was true in Leeds as well but he was the other end of the stage from where I was stood so I didn’t really see him at all, so the band I saw were all having a bloody good time!

Quite jealous of you getting all of ST&C though, I couldn’t resist the meagre mosh pit when they played Another Morning Stoner!


I am quite surprised they are doing ST&C only in Manchester but I’m not complaining! I also read an interview with Conrad (Noisy, Rank your Records) where he said he didn’t enjoy doing it before, didn’t get that impression last night though


it was messy at times, but like you said, Conrad and Jason were into it and that’s the most important thing.

like I think I said to you last night, it made me feel a bit sad that the only pit was like… dads in their forties? like the guys in the band, though, innit.

but yeah, I guess I still feel like a twentysomething myself rather than thirty, and was wishing things were like ten/fifteen years ago when a great deal of the fans were pretty much kids and you’d lose your Hi-Tops or maybe your shirt jumping around and into other kids.

so many of those tunes I think always carried a heavy nostalgia, though, and were always going to accrue all kinds of happy melancholy wistfulness or what have you.

I had a lot of fun.


yeah thats true

I think as well, they’re not really a band who are going to pick up new fans unfortunately, so you are just going to get people there who have been fans for a while