Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


Source Tags is 17 years old this month :sob:


It’s very weird how this happens, like I knew someone who saw The Wombats this year and she was totally outnumbered by teenagers - so their music somehow didn’t get stuck with the people who were 20 when they first started but instead kept passing down to new younger fans. Same as when I saw Jamie T and from what I’ve seen of the big Green Day concerts.

Obviously they are all more accessible and successful than ToD ever were which may explain it, but it still seems somewhat random to me which bands can just keep getting new fans vs which ones only hold onto their original, diminishing fanbase


yeah man, I was thinking this. some bands fron the same era have nigh on a million or more Spotify listeners, for example, whereas ToD have under a hundred thousand.

which is really fuckin’ sad, tbh. I’m feeling hang-motional right now, and listening to ‘Sigh Our Children’ over and over, but I want THE KIDS to RESUSCITATE GUITAR MUSIC. or something like that.


I know, right? hard to process how old those two albums are, relative to say… stuff from that long ago when it was actually 1999, or 2002.


Blame pitchfork, never recovered from the 10/10 to a 4/10


yeah, I can imagine that did actually fuck them over a bit.

like, some of those more enduringly popular bands are ones that never lost the hype.

I’ve never really given any of the post-ST&C stuff a go myself, which put me off until like… literally today, finding myself wanting to give all the other stuff a go.


No way is Worlds Apart a 4/10 album ffs


I like Worlds Apart but it is very much indulging conrad’s sorta soft prog side which was bound to ruin their cred, so divided has some good songs on it but gave up after that.


Love Worlds Apart. Theyve said the new album theyre working on sounds a bit like it.
Last album of theirs I really loved was Tao of The Dead


There’s some decent stuff on every album after So Divided, except maybe IX. Nothing touches STC obviously.


those albums were the ones that got properly slated and all - the reviews picked up to middling after that.

never listened to any of it, just because critics. silly, that. soft prog ToD sounds interesting.

tbf the first two are near-perfect, so it was always gonna be hard to follow them.


Madonna is almost as good, imo! but ST&C is probably my very favourite pure rock album. still sounds impossibly vital.


Getting annoyed at how underrated they are now. Going to buy one of every t-shirt at the gig out of solidarity.


You can make a good EP out of So Divided:

  1. Stand in Silence
  2. Wasted State of Mind
  3. So Divided
  4. Life
  5. Witches Web
  6. Sunken Dreams


Buy some of Conors artwork if you can. It’s all brilliant and he had a bit of a breakdown on insta lately where he was filming himself burning unsold sketches that were beautiful. Very sad :frowning:


Weird song to mosh to :joy:


Right, i’m gonna download some later stuff but i bet it aint good


I maintain Century of Self is up there. Has a couple of stinkers but that segue from Giants Causeway to Far Pavilions, Halcyon Days, Bells of Creation, Isis Unveiled etc are proper belters


My main beef with their new stuff is they show no commitment to it whatsoever. Release record, then tour, play none of it, never hear of it again. Repeat.

All just different routes to playing Madonna and STAC.


I dont know how to explain it but theres also portrayal in the media which influences people, and younger people need something to grab them.

If I was 15/16 , I would see a name like Trail of Dead and think ‘that sounds good’, but then check them superficially and nothing would grab me. 4 late 30/40 something, indie rock with prog influences, would listen to a track off IX or something and be underwhelmed, would give it up.

Compare it to say I dunno, Dillinger, and all you would see online is how explosive their shows were, listen to a track and attention be instantly grabbed

I can definitely see why TOD wouldnt attract new listeners, shame as it is