Trail of Dead playing Madonna in full


This is a rubbish post, ignore it


Well, jump around to, “mosh pit” is a bit of an exaggeration!


With the possible exception of So Divided (which I need to spend more time with and has some great songs), I don’t think they have a bad album.

Lost Songs seems to get forgotten a lot of the time and I have no idea why, it’s relentless.


Reckon a playlist of late album highlights would be great.
Someones bound to have done that already.


Yeah fire it up @epimer


I don’t use Spotify. Google Play Music for Zune ok?


Honestly think everyone assumed it was outtakes and rarities at the time and it just never made an impact.


Can I get that on my Creative Zen?


Tidal only, mate


yeah I agree, I enjoyed it but for some reason haven’t really gone back to it

Will give it a go this weekend. Remember Pinhole Cameras being a belter


Conrad’s voice is a bit off here but still good


Just remembered pfork called him ‘probably the world’s worst singer’ :joy:


Absolute banger im(correct)o


he mentions that in the Noisey article and says “well I’d like to the writer sing” or something equally petty!


he was absolutely living up to that last night :upside_down_face:

my fave ToD tunes are the ones where he soars a bit in his ungainly way. with most of those, he didn’t kid himself that he was really going to be able to hit the notes.


Thought you meant @profk and was ready to head to O’Shea’s


Think the run from Century of Self to Lost Songs was really good. I’m probably going to see them in Antwerp next week - hope the crowd is bigger than when they played in Brussels on the IX tour. Felt like around 50 people were there.


I threw this together in about 10 minutes so the order could possibly be better, I stuck to the 12 songs / 1hr format so may have missed a couple of good ones as I’m afraid I had to include the 16min Tao of the Dead Pt2 as I love its proggy goodness, yeah don’t @ me!


Fucking brilliant work. ix and Lost songs are the only albums ive skipped but will check this out like everyone else no doubt will.
Much appreciated :1st_place_medal:


Much obliged