Train collision in Wiltshire

Two trains have collided inside a tunnel near Salisbury after one derailed, and was struck by the other one.

Really hope it’s not as bad as that sounds like it could be. Sky was reporting that there’ve been 12 people injured, but there are apparently a massive number of ambulances and fire engines present.

Not sure if this should be an #ssp

ugh :frowning: frightening

hope everyone’s okay


Awful stuff, but sounds as if it’s maybe not been quite as bad as it could have been? Just hope the reports about the twelve are accurate and they aren’t too badly hurt. Very scary stuff though.

Not sure what’s ‘private’ about the information as that Tweeter is saying.


There’s a screengrab going around that apparently provides details on what’s happened. Seems to be from some kind of train network system.

Scary stuff but no serious injuries is good news.

Another account had tweeted information from Network Rail (I’m guessing) incident logs.

Yeah, tbh it sounds like confidential would be a better choice of words?

Either way, I’m glad it seems to not have been as massive a thing as it might have been…

Terrifying to hear this news, but hopefully it is only minor injuries. Can’t imagine what the people on those trains have gone through there, train collisions are often utterly horrific, really hope nobody is too badly hurt or traumatised.

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oh how awful :frowning:

13 minor casualties and no deaths, apparently. Fingers crossed it stays that way!