Train lines with most capacity for confusion

Got trains heading in opposite directions to
London Liverpool street/liverpool lime street
Kings cross/kings lynn

Seen people caught out by both of these before. Any triple confusion lines/stations out there?

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Be amazed if it doesnt break a ton

The express trains on the NY subway that just decide to skip out loads of stations and you’re magically meant to know which ones they’re skipping out. Had to turn back so many times.


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Found ny subway well confusing

No confusion here, there are no trains in Ireland.

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Bit confusing how a big part of the Northern Line is two different lines.

On a sidenote, once got on a bus to ‘shelf’ thinking ‘thats a weird way of shortening sheffield’

Turns out it was actually going to shelf.

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I don’t like to brag, but one of the things I’m really, really fucking good at, is boarding a train at a station and then getting off that train once it has reached the place that I’ve chosen to go


Charing Cross branch is for the one day travelcard wankers.

The transport museum in Brooklyn explains why it’s a mess very well. Basically was run by loads of different companies and then all merged into one with no way to un-mess it.

Once got a bus in Manchester with Airport written on the front but turned out it went round loads of suburbs for an hour first. That’s asking for trouble (nearly missed my flight)

Not entirely relevant but just remembered when I worked in a call centre and an English person got annoyed that I didn’t know that Chester Le Street isn’t a street in Chester


Wait till you see the state of the Overground.

Not confusing at all. All station platforms are signposted either ‘express’ or ‘local’ and express and local trains have different letters. Once you know the letters you can differentiate between the two without even thinking about it.

Personally I love express trains. Wish we had the capacity for them on the tube. Cut out all those silly little stops.

Yellow line on the T&W metro, it goes from Newcastle city centre to the North Tyneside coast, back to Newcastle city centre, and then to South Shields

So if you want to go from Newcastle city centre to South Shields and you’re not totally au fait with the system you can either go on a pretty short route or a reaaaaally long one

This is less confusion and more confucius!