Train roll on, on down the line (WED EVE)


hullo there dis

what is for dinner
what are you doing


Still have so much to do waaahhhh

(Don’t know yet what I’m having for dinner)


there’s film thread administration that urgently needs doing though


ps i am having leftover risotto that i was supposed to have for my lunch today but forgot to take to work


Having to borrow £20 off my parents just to pay my bills, despite working full time, feel like snapping someone’s neck off


I’m still on the train, currently listening to Underworld (Everything Everything, the live album, not to be confused with the band of the same name)

I’ve got friends coming over but what I really want to do is go to bed at 9 and hope that I actually get some sleep tonight. (Advice for sleeping properly when you have a really dry tickly cough? Am okay at managing it during the day as I can just drink loads of water and eat cough sweets, but the nights are rubbish at the moment)


I am ravenous.

Left over roast chicken for dinner. Considering potential snack options tho… would really like a packet of flamin hot monster munch.

Bring it to me.


oh fucking hell i’m gonna listen tuesday’s gone for the rest of the evening



Evening Japes,

I’m currently trying to make a GraphQL NodeJS function running in an AWS Lambada Container talk to an AWS MySQL RDS store. It’s been refusing all day - works connecting from my laptop, so it’s probably role permissions or something, but understanding those is about as easy as climbing Everest on Christmas Day.

Haven’t thought about dinner or anything else really.


just get some cough syrup down ye

i could use an early night but will probably stay up late pissing about on the internet for no reason


I found cough medicine (Benylin/Actifed etc) was the most helpful thing for me a few weeks ago


Hot drink with lemon, honey and a triple whisky?


Skims post, prepares for chat about the Best Band In the World™

such disappointment


No dinner for me as I ate a Christmas cake platter mere hours ago. Maybe scrambled eggs on toast later.

Masterchef, Liverpool game and Christmas present shopping for me.



I know… I barely know what I’m talking about either.


Gizmos getting away with murder, a new kitchen and he’s on the worktop, which he never did in the old kitchen.

As he’s ill, he seems to be pushing his luck knowing I won’t tell him off.


He looks incredibly satisfied with himself!


Jira things


Wotcha Japes etc al

Chorizo, red potato, red pepper and fried egg hash

Reckon watching Masterchef and the apprentice and dozing. The night shift I did last night has knocked me for 6 a bit.