Train roll on, on down the line (WED EVE)

Just bought loads of fish fingers from Iceland. Such decadence.

Now having pint in Spoons waiting for bus home.

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mmm fish finger sandwich would go down a treat actually


Can’t get enough of them. Treat yo’ self

Gonna have a beer too

Cheers DiS. You’ve got through Wednesday!


For the record, I have never used Jira

Maybe that’s where m going wrong

Catching up on Ricky, surely?

It’s been a fucker of a Wednesday

I started earlier, but he sent me to sleep, so maybe I’ll rewatch

still can’t like anything ffs


Just ate 600g of pork stuffing, because it was going off and out of the freezer. Just that. Nothing else (had with some mustard)

Having some beers and making a curry, gonna watch Rugoe One. Hope you’re all good

Never heard it called THAT before


killer day, kids were completely off on one. have rearranged the tables and sorted lots of hard maths for tomorrow, that’ll learn them. Hopefully :slight_smile:

Nearly choked on the way home on a chocolate eclair, got caught in my throat and I was hoking and wheezing for ages, nose and eyes streaming, hardly able to breathe.
Properly scary especially as I was driving, really didn’t want to be making the papers as woman who choked on a travel sweet on outskirts of Chippenham.

Anyway, had spag bol for tea, got to plan and sort some lessons and seating plans in front of the footie then early night innit.


Had a Hello Fresh sausage casserole. Fairly mediocre but had a twang of Japan about it. Just kept thinking of eating very chewy unidentifued offal with @matt_was_taken in Tokyo and nearly crying that we had more to get through.

Got to work tonight but doubt I’ll bother because I never do.

Fucked it with my seat choice tonight. Am on a window seat in a 4-er: got a man next to me spreading his paper and elbows into my personal space, and a woman opposite who’s asleep with her legs stretched out.

Edit: @slicky - being a teacher in December sounds like pure hell. You have my sympathies!

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yeah flaming hot are the best! Could easily eat a whole multipack then just fall asleep on the sofa

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@japes @witches @ericthefourth and whoever else

This is nice


those eclairs are dangerous! I’ve nearly choked on one before too

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Hey @japes, all.

I’m making an otalenghi braised chicken pappardelle with anchovies, bay leaves and thyme. Smells quite penge atm. Will watch some footy while the Tv’s at netball and watch 'prentice when she gets back.

Might pay my car tax if I can be bothered

just drawing a DiSer for one of the last times ever, gonna be emotional when this is done :cry: