Train routes you would like to take

spoilers ffs


The only one I really want to do is the Aberdeen to Penzance one, the longest route in the UK. Always fancied it, 13 and a half hours, leaves at 8.20am. Breakfast in Aberdeen, admire Scotland for a bit, spot of lunch, snooze through the Midlands, read a book, pints in Penzance, sounds ideal.

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Barrow to Arlesdale Road, steam train only no dirty diesels.


Don’t think I’d want to do it myself, but I really enjoyed this- two Austrian railway nerds decide to take a gamble on getting the train through Russia to North Korea:

warning: long

The aforementioned Fort William to Mallaig journey is the one I want to do.

Wick to Inverness was really nice too.

Watched a series on Channel 5 where Tony Robinson was travelling around the world on the train. Sweden/Norway/Denmark looked well good. You can go on a train on a ferry at the end as well and carry on to Germany


Mentioned a few times about catching the overnight train from Bucharest to Chishinau - it’s a bit like a mini Trans-Siberian. Feels fairly lawless, but then again champagne is only £2 a bottle in the buffet car so :woman_shrugging:

Most unique part is to cross the border from Romania to Moldova - back when it was Bessarabia it was one of the frontiers of Russia, and in order to protect against invasion by train the tracks are all wide gauge. To cross the border, they lift the carriages by crane with the passengers inside and switch the bogies from standard gauge to wide gauge. Lovely stuff :+1:


Isle of wight

@avery I want to do this please


Old London Underground trains :smiley:

Also m9, think it’s actually called The Island Of White :+1:


Friend of mine took the trans-siberian on the way to singapore, all by train. He said there are no amount of books on earth for the constant ice land not to become mind crushingly boring.

Went back to the Balkans earlier this year and the train routes have got even more erratic and patchy than they were 10 years ago between neighbouring countries (when we could at least get from Belgrade to Sarajevo by train). Did similar thing to you with a minibus/taxi between the two, nowhere near as good.

The trains were still going from Belgrade to Bar and that route through the mountains looked stunning, wish we’d had the time. Also had brand new trains on the Sarajevo to Mostar route which was a surprise, kinda liked the charm of the big, slow, old carriages they used to have.

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This route is run by Cross Country and is usually a 4 carriage train that smells like a hospital. I went from Leeds to Plymouth on one of those trains and it was just awful.

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I’m not sure what the timetable is post-Covid, but the 1930s tube trains are going to be replaced, with 1970s tube trains…

Done the Chicago - San Francisco route, which was brilliant: would like to do the other two across the USA (partic the one Gunners mentions above).

Copper canyon in mexico looks cool

Might take a cushion in that case

I’d quite like to do the pacific coast/rocky mountain railway route up through the US and Canada.

Japanese trains are always great, whether that be bullet trains, or switchback mountain trains, or double decker tourist trains, or single unit, small operator trains running through the suburbs of Kyoto


Went from Seattle to Vancouver which was pretty great, went just as the sun was setting as well. The train then sat outside Vancouver for an hour and a half for unknown reasons, which was less great.

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Yeah I looked into trains and you have to go Belgrade - Zagreb - Sarajevo and it takes 12+ hours!

I have heard the train between Sarajevo and Mostar is beautiful, gutted I didn’t do it although the bus view is gorgeous and poignant (loads of roadside crucifixes from the war :frowning: ). Can’t wait to go back one day.

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Bergen to Oslo on a nice sunny day please