Train Surfing

By which I mean standing on a moving train without holding on to anything or propping yourself up.

You any good at it? I think I’ve come close to perfecting it, my general balance is extremely good.

All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ


I’ve never tried it, so probably not, unless I’m a natural.

spent many a time as a kid having competitions with my pals where you stood doing this on the metro, where the carriages connected, whilst it turned etc.
great game

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I was alright at it when I was a child yeah. Obviously would be incredibly embarrassing for an adult to do this

Once did the bullet train from Osaka prefecture to Hokusai. Depends if you call that good or not?

Well sometimes you don’t have a choice if it’s a crowded train and you don’t want to fly into the people around you every time the train goes round a bend. Then you need to call on all of your balancing skills.

Obviously the key objective is to remain perfectly balanced without positioning your body to look like you’re putting in any effort. There’s a lot of tiny adjustments to the weight on each part of the foot going on.

I’d call it a bit of alright mate yeah

I thought you were talking about standing on the roof.

That I could respect.

Seems almost recklessly dangerous, I would never encourage that.

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Alright Victor Mature.

anything below a maglev is a bit of an anti climax these days

this is what I thought too (when I hadn’t bothered to read the thread properly)

I remember on the news some years back, there was a trend for kids to ride buses on the roof like this. Inevitably some of them died. On the way to the funeral, kids were still surfing on the roof.

Same here

Do it on the metro when I want to feel like a fucking boss. Trick is to have your standing knee pointed perpendicular to the rest of your body (to your left if using your left knee, and to the right if using your right), put pressure down on the floor with this, making the whole leg quite firm. With your other knee, have it be half a step infront of your body and don’t push down on your foot as hard, keeping the knee a little loose. When the carriage turns/bumps/whatever, lean into that knee so it absorbs the weight of your movement and you don’t go flying arse over tit.

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Very adept at this, unlike the doofus on Friday who ended up stamping on my toes when he tried to do the same.

Terrible at this. Especially on the tube

Love doing this, especially while pissed. Great fun.

Yeah I’m really good at most sports