need some new trainers

what ones should i get please and thank you


watching this thread with interest. i want me some new adidas


got these, they’re nice.

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These are not trainers.

Or are they?

No, yes… no.


Got a pair of these last year. Wore them till them broke (took a year, which is pretty good going for me). Leather, so they don’t turn to mush in the rain. Super comfortable. Classic. Looks good with anything. As soon as they died I got a new pair. And like £70, so not even stupid money (Stan Smiths are the same price and they fell apart in six months!)


what’s yr budget? any particular colour you want or definitely wouldn’t wear?


I’m on the lookout for a shoe that is smart and comfortable, but also nimble. a smart trainer, I suppose?


what else are they mate





On my third pair of these in a row. Always been good to me. image


Just got my third pair pair of Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85s, because they’re really comfortable.


not into white as they’ll just get dirty. other than that, dunno.

I seem to hate all shoes i see so idk


Got a pair of these last year.



ive got these





Love me some trainer chat.

Got two pairs of Hamburg, one for everyday bad weather wear and an unblemished pair. They recently stopped making them which is a farce:

Also got a pair of these Adidas ‘Lucas Premier’ which I wear a couple of times a week:

And finally a pair of these Lacoste Fairlead which don’t get any love these days:


these look fresh as fuck tbh


Important to remember that if you wear New Balance then you’re a huge Tory.