I put some old spds temporarily on the new bike and omg forgot how easy they are compared to road pedals. double sided so you don’t have to fuck about flipping the pedal over, just stomp down and you’re there. defo fucking the road spds off when it’s new shoes time.

interestingly (yeah this is interesting fuck off) the pedals I’ve got for the new bike are one sided spds, so I’ll see how they compare


Tried the older empires for a week or so, but they were slightly too narrow. Gutted that they didn’t fit. My Fizik shoes are pretty nice looking mind


I love my fiziks, but I’m almost scared of wearing them in case they get scuffed :smile:


fucking cycling pricks


Mine definitely don’t look like that anymore


it’s amazing how easy it is to ruin a perfectly good thread with unbelievably tedious bike chat


This isn’t even bike chat. It’s sartorial elegance issues


interesting. i don’t really have any desire to cross over.

the single-sided SPDs on my single speed are fine when i’ve got my cycling shoes on but i really do not like them when i’ve got normal shoes. stopping in traffic and then finding the right side of the pedal again feels… slow and makes me feel really vulnerable. so… i basically only wear my bike shoes.



yeah it’s so annoying. Thinking of settling for these but not sure I love them as much.


Never settle. You’ll just end up resenting them and hate having to go out with them and look back in years to come at pictures of you with them and think “What was I doing?”


The best part is, they go with everything


I used to be quite anti-trainers (they’re for children and athletes!) but I’ve done a total 180 in the last couple of years. Still mainly like quite simple ones in neutral colours, but I love my Stan Smiths, liked my Nike Air Max (but they fell apart really quickly), have some Air Force 1s on the way.


I’ve got these. A nice pair but get knackered reasonably easily.


My nike air max were comfy but the sole is fucking rubbish


I had Ultra Moire ones, the sole was fine, the issue was with the sole meets the plasticky bit. Also the top section had little holes in, but tiny strands of white fluff kept coming out of them, which really spoiled the look - I literally tried to shave them one day. Will probably stick to leather where possible in future. These were the bastards:

The bottom light grey bit, as well as coming away from the sole, also discoloured really quickly too. Bit shit all round, but I didn’t pay for them.


just bought a pair of these for my bro:


Thinking about getting some Hummels next.

Reminds me of Danish footy teams from the 90s.


weren’t these the brand of shoes that everyone shat on when lemonbrickcombo said he was buying some on the old boards?


My memory of the boards isn’t that good, unfortunately. Didn’t he live in France anyway, the home of fashion?