Training. The work kind.
I don’t do training, thankfully. But now it appears in my job I do a little bit because I am.
Let’s all talk about what we like and do not like about going to training.
I will not incorporate, or actively avoid, any of your suggestions as I have already put together what I am going to show and do.


I like a handout I can keep and take home, even when a digital copy is readily available

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends

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I like it when we all do an introduction and have to give a fact or something about ourselves

  • Yes, I like this as am a me, me, me psychopath
  • Please leave me alone. Is me being here not enough for you?

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Good for doodling on, but it’s going in the back of a cupboard forever when I get back to the office.


I like to

  • Sit and watch a presentation style thing
  • I like to get my hands dirty trying stuff for myself. Maybe working through some examples
  • I do not like anything like that
  • Depends

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During the presenter presenting their training bit I like to

  • Listen quietly
  • Query things as they are talking
  • Imagine killing the people querying things while the presenter presenting their training bit is talking
  • Depends

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e) interrupt with barely related points intended to make me look clever

not really. Imagine being one of those people.


Feedback forms at the end

  • I want to fill something in.
  • I cba to tell you how to make this less awful
  • Always fill in as all positive because you might know if I slag you off and I think you might be watching me right now
  • I use to give thoughtful, constructive feedback
  • Return blank

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ok so that’s end of the presentation. any questions?

  • ooh yes, me. i was wondering about…
  • let my people go

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I think all I’ve ever learned from work training sessions is which of my colleagues I hate, and why.


Having a chat to someone whilst someone else is presenting

  • I do it all the time
  • Those people are literally worse than hitler

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You attend a 2 hour training session. There is no tea, coffee or biscuits

  • Why would there be? It’s only 2 hours
  • You fucking kidding me mate?

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If there aren’t any posh biscuits I’m going to sit there, arms folded, glaring at you for two hours.


“Let’s have a look at the Agenda.”

  1. 0930 - 1030: Icebreaker activity
  • FO,M and shoot me now
  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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I like how the majority of training sessions I’ve been on the trainer has actually said something like “Now, I know a lot of people don’t like this/find it embarrassing etc”


“Tell everyone two facts about yourself and one lie - and see if anyone can guess the lie!”

Ok pal:

  • I was forced to come here
  • I’d really rather not be here
  • I have not contemplated burning this whole building down several times already


But, but…


OK guys, in your table groups have a think about the issues and write the most important ones on your whiteboards.

  • So what does everyone think? I’ll be the scribe, if everyone can read my handwriting HA HA!
  • I’ll make a couple of suggestions, enough to look like I can be bothered
  • Cold dead silence

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  • Big fan… not sure why you’ve not set one up specifically for this thread
  • Dont know what that is
  • Hate stuff like that

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Have to run some training sessions at work and each one has 2 half hour ice breaker things built into the agenda. Just take a show of hands to either do them or leave early at the end of the say. Some people actually vote for the ice breaker. Nuts