Probably go for the 21:49 one, then.


7 minutes quicker as well haha. mugs.

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Love it when you can get a first class ticket for less than a standard.


Have had this where it just turns out there is no first class though. Brutal.

I thought trains in Europe were meant to be about 5p or something, but I’ve bought some tickets in advance to go from Bordeaux to Hossegor and they were about €30 each way. What a swizz!

How far is that though? Don’t make me Google it

Where you off mate?

Yeah, same. Trainlines ticket alerts thingy is great for that.

Euston to Lichfield. Work are paying anyway, but I still feel the need for value.

Do a lot of train travel for work. Always try and avoid the pricey trains, or work out split ticket combinations to get it down (have managed 40% before).

Not so much fussed about what it costs my employer, but feel like that by merrily booking overpriced trains “because work are paying” I’m contributing horribly to a system that fucks normal people.

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Good work on buying all the cheap tickets so that normal people can’t use them…


But you’ll make me google it!

Google maps says 172km by car, so maybe about 100 miles as the crow flies

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bloody love trains

bloody hate the way they’re run in the uk

^the only Good And Correct opinions that are allowed


Anyone able to figure out the logic of when LNER tickets go onsale? Supposed to be 3 months in advance but I’m trying to book tickets in the first half of October and it’s an utter headfuck. No Saturdays or Sundays, but all the Fridays are there. Just the occasional Monday though. :disappointed_relieved:

Is this thread train negging only or is appreciation permitted?

London Northwestern now do a non-stop Liverpool-London service, which means there’s always a bargain going now if you’ve got nearly 4 hours to spare.

I reckon they should scrap HS2 and build loads of boss German-style light rail systems for metropolitan areas like Leeds-Bradford and the West Midlands.

That’s all the train content I have for today :slight_smile:

Trains are good, we want more trains!

Go for it.

I’m indifferent, although it does feel like we get ballsed over in this country.

Trains = shit

Didn’t realise Jeremy Clarkson posted on here.

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