Quite shit aren’t they.

My journey has been a total shit show today, multiple trains delayed / cancelled, bad advice from all the train people, now on my 5th train for a journey that should be two changes and I’m not even going to end up at the right stop, just the nearest stop that I can be picked up from

Total delay is going to be about 1 and a half hours, journey should be 2 hours in total

I know stuff goes wrong, but it’s the incompetence in communication that winds me up.

Git any good stories about trains?



Tbh I have never had a good long distance train journey each one has been a nightmare. I’ve been on trains that have broke down between London and Manchester then there was the time coming back from Glastonbury and the track was flooded we had to get a train to Wales and go home through Wales on the world’s slowest train stinking and knackered.

Nationalise now.

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nationalise floods


I love trains, so watch your mouth.


Had this wonderful story about the local stopping train through Reading on my suggested articles today:

Why cover yourselves in vomit and litter before you slam the train, that’s what I want to know


It feels like each station we’ve been at so far they have just given us some bad advice to get us off their platforms and be any other station than the one they are manning.

I’ve just left a bunch of the fucked journey gang at east Croydon as the train that we were instructed to get their has been cancelled, and it’s just lucky I can get picked up from a different station than the one I want to get to (we were not supposed to be at east Croydon at all, just got redirected there from Clapton junction as the trains from junction all got cancelled)


Honestly, what else is there to do in the thames valley?

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Dont know why they assume that all hadn’t just happened that morning

I won’t watch my mouth
They don’t work!

On the 8:02am party train from Didcot?

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There are no trains in Ireland.

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Theres no party like a didcot party!

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Lucky you

Trains are good in Scandinavia & proper brilliant in Estonia

I blame Beeching for all the UK train nonsense


I don’t know who that is, but they sound awful!

Is that St Patrick’s fault?


submitted 6 delay repay claims for last week, so yeah, really fucking hate trains at the mo

When the train at east Croydon dot cancel a man literally starting screaming, and there was another foreign guy (sorry not sure what country) who was trying to get to Gatwick to get a plane and just didn’t know what the fuck was going on, and some woman who had just got out of hospital, was in some pain and just wanted to get home and rest.

Fuck you and your apologies southern rail

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It will appall you