oh jesus, that’s no good.

almost at the end of train no2, coming into preston for 4pm. yay!

just in time to pop to the loo before needing to properly pack up.

Why have I never noticed how close the WCML gets to the water in Morecambe Bay before?

Right then, train no. 3!

Unit number 390008 “Sir Charles Rennie Mackintosh”!

The other 390 wasnt named. Those who are interested, this is a slightly rarer 9-car Pendolino unit.

This is section of track I’ve never bashed before. Yay.


Ah I always enjoy a wee glance at the APT in Crewe yard.


Sweet prince. Ahh what might have been.

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Eventually got the Pendolino instead though. What a train.

Sticks in my craw that BR sold the APT designs to the Italians, I wish to ride a ruddy gruddy British build train.

The Chad APT still holds the WCML speed record (this was funnier when they literally were Virgin Pendolinos)

Hello. On my final train of the day!

Almost fucked it twice. The ample connection 8 had at Wolverhampton disappeared and it was 1min between the trains. Made it. Fucking hell.

Was a 220 voyager but didn’t get the unit number.

Now on a Viyager that, again, I didn’t get the unit no of, but that’s because I have never been to Birmingham new street before and it is MASSIVE and very CONFUSING and good god.

Def on the right train. Few.


Yeah, New Street is a real experience first time you come across it. Stratford (London) is probably even more confusing, with random platform numbers all over the place, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as vast.

I’ve not once but twice been on the concourse there, following the toilet signs round, only to find myself back where I started.

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I’ve finally got used to it after 7 years or so. Kind of.

Best advice if your changing trains is use the ‘b’ end of the platforms as you can get to all the other platforms without having to go out of the barriers and back in again.

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Guaranteed no matter where you or going or coming from, your connecting train will be at the opposite end of the station at New Street. Hate it.


So unfamiliar was I with the idea of a split platform on my first visit I had to ask a staff member where 12b was as I could only find signs to platform 12


So, training back. No details this time, I’m too sleepy!

But leaving Gloucester on my first Class 800! Bimode for the win.

The seats are awful.


First time on a loco hauled train for a long time. Class 67 and Mark 4 carriages.

TfW don’t seem to have fully reconfigured the reservation displays yet…


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Booked a return train journey last week where the outbound was over two hours late and the return was over an hour late. Turns out you can be refunded up to 200% of what you pay.


About to get the Train To Busan…

No zombies, please


I did that a few years ago, got off at Daegu, and also didn’t get eaten by zombies thankfully. Very comfortable if i remember.

Incredible coincidence!

I was there earlier and thought it was you I saw!

Took a photo so I could check later on.


Aye, I know that episode was set in Japan.


This is fun (and a kinda wild story)