I’m booked onto an early evening (6:18 or something) London to Newcastle train. So leaving within but travelling outside of that window!

LNER haven’t formally cancelled it yet but they’re not (obviously) still selling tickets.

Newcastle station has just been closed on a lot of the recent strikes days as well.

Might be like an hourly London - Newcastle running during the day but everything needs to be put to bed by 6ish, so doubt that particular train will run - last one at 3ish or something?

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Yeah that’ll be about right, thanks.

Should be maps online of what bits of the network had services during the last strikes, I’d imagine it’ll be the same.

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Ah brill, I’ll see what I can find, thanks

Need to get from Brighton to Gatwick on the morning of 3rd Jan.

No chance of a train, presumably, so just book a taxi, yeah?

Have looked at coach tickets, but a taxi for the whole group works out at the same price.

We had to get a taxi last minute from Brighton to Gatwick recently, because an accident on the line stopped all the trains just as we needed to leave. It was fairly quick and straightforward, flat rate (about £60 I think?) and if there’s a few of you it might well be cheaper anyway.

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Reckon London to Brighton will have some trains running

Those are the bits that were open during previous RMT strikes, so probably a good indicator of what will happen this time.


Yeah, but it’s operated by Southern who are so so shit

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Ah. Will double check what the drill is before abandoning all hope.

Yep, have checked a couple of places (CallACabSussex and Brighton Taxis) and that’s their standard rate. £85/90 for a minibus for our group of eight.

That’s probably cheaper than the train anyway tbf

Got a Family Railcard to cover four of us, but even then, yeah, wouldn’t surprise me if it were. :money_mouth_face:

Yeah in that case I’d swerve the question of train reliability → potential airport stress altogether and get the taxi. Plus with the taxi you don’t have to get your whole party to the train station.

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The nuclear flask train went past while I was out with the dog this afternoon. Don’t know how heavy they are but it seems overkill that a couple of boxes of fizzy goo get dragged about by a pair of class 68s. Redundancy in case one breaks down perhaps?

Anyway, it’s a good excuse to (re?)post this


Oooh I remember seeing that crash at Sellafield visitors centre as a kid. My dad was having the time of his life and we were all bored shitless.


Quite funny, in a “this is fucked” way.


I’d make a terrible trainspotter


For some reason I thought the HSTs had all been withdrawn. Maybe I’m just thinking of the old style carriages with hinged manual doors (which do seem cool and I’m sad I never went on one).

There’s still over 100 in service. Maybe you’re thinking of when they were withdrawn from the east coast main line, which was a year or two back, and which got a fair bit of publicity.

Yeah I think this is probably it. I remember watching somebody vlogging from an LNER train saying it was the last one