Covered everything in the West Midlands…

…except Hatton South curve


I have been on the Eastleigh - Romsey branch a bunch of times. It’s quite nice! Romsey is a pretty poor station though from my rememberings.

You get to go through Chanandlers Ford, which is always a pleasure

Morpeth? Nah. Lesspeth, actually.

I found this in my parents attic. Loved this as a kid. Got like 30 issues of it i think.


Disgusting Chinley erasure, that.

I reckon I’ve done about half of GWR, but there is so much down in the imaginary part of the country that I just have no business with.

Done all of that apart from middlesbrough to redcar.
A brewery i like is opening in redcar so will check it off this summer if the trains ever turn up

Which one?

Talking Tides


At Paddington currently heading to Bristol. First time on an intercity train since 2019 :open_mouth:

Should’ve had a visit there (and the West Mids Signalling Centre and one of the mechanical boxes at Worcester) during training but it all got knocked on the head cos Covid which was a shame.

Might send some emails and try and get a trip up to Shrewsbury

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Knackered old trains going in the bin is probably good.

Not replacing them is bad and the statement pretending that every Cross Country train isn’t rammed and they don’t need the capacity is a fucking laugh.


Don’t worry it will be replaced by the APT once they iron out a few teething problems


Fuck. Me.

Daft cunt. Seems very casual about being inches away from being rendered into their constituent atoms.

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Headphones in, not looked. That is a worrying video

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Apparently the crossing had red/green warning lights and he ignored them.

I had one the other week who continued striding purposefully towards a foot crossing after giving a blast at the whistle board and then giving him another as I got closer. A wee bit unnerving.

If you are at/near a crossing and the driver sounds the horn, do something to acknowledge them - face them and stick an arm in the air ideally.

Weirdly, it’s probably for the best they had no idea at all it was coming. Had they clocked it while they were halfway across they’d probably have frozen up.


Booked an Amtrak trip for the summer on the California Zephyr :partying_face::partying_face:


Early RHCP lyrics…