Does anyone have any opinions on Thalys’ merger/rebrand to Eurostar

Quite like it personally

If only they ran through the tunnel…


Just rode on local legend, Noman Topsom from Maidenhead to Bourne End.

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off to the states tomorrow - check out these prices! amazing


Enjoy Kennyhoopla!



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He’s fun and a good singer and he can do a mean backflip. Also, I don’t think Travis is in his touring band, unless he is now

I think our summer trip (San Fran - Denver, then Denver - Chicago) came to about £100 each. Google tells me that’s about 2100 miles. Amtrak might not be fast or reliable but it is cheap.

We also got an upgrade to a sleeping car for the second leg for $100, it was one of those bidding things, I lowballed it but actually got it. Was pretty sweet.

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No chance whatsoever of this next round of strikes being called off is there?

Not unless the queen dies again

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She’s already died iirc. Thanks, pal x

Will any trains at all run (on weds 4th)? Have a work meeting early in London on the 5th so was gonna get train down day before (from Glasgow)

It’s potentially technically scabbing I guess, so depends how comfortable you are with that, but have found there’s generally some trains running on strike days.

Probably more comfortable with scabbing than getting a domestic flight or hiring a car/driving.

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I think LNER run a few trains. Assuming their driver managers must be scabs.

Alternatively Lumo run from Edinburgh and aren’t on strike (and neither are ScotRail to get you across from Glasgow).

Well my run of getting a bargain has ended. Apparently it’s only valid on trains leaving after 9.30 and I can’t use my railcard on trains before 10am.

Had a bit of a cry cos I was so embarrassed and thought I was going to be fined. Mondays!!


On if you tick “Expert Mode” it shows you the “cluster” of stations that (I think) all have the same prices for that journey. For example:

Don’t know if the same stations are always clustered for all journeys that aren’t within the cluster though…


They aren’t, that would have been too simple…