Trainspotting 2, new trailer

What we thinking, yay, nay?! Was very skeptical at first but this trailer looks good

I think Porno is a better book than Trainspotting so hopefully will be good.

Yeah, sceptical, but the first was so great, so got to give it a go isn’t it.

yeah i watched the first film not so long ago, such a fucking good film.

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I’ll watch it, but can’t say that trailer’s making me want to rush out and get a ticket.

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Porno was garbage.

Shoehorning topical references feels a bit cringe but will definitely still see it. McGregor appears to be 10 years younger too.


“choose an unknown dose of an unknown drug made in somebody’s kitchen”

Great line.

Have they bothered filming any of it in Edinburgh this time or is it all bar the first scene in Glasgow?

apparently they filmed all of this one in edinburgh

yeah it’s a pity the volcano is no longer going

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Oi, Castlenvy doesnt get you anywhere.

u wot m8?

You lot are obsessed with our Castle. (…and the rest e.g. Our Volcano)


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I reckon Skag Boys would be a better film - best book of the 3 for me

Ugh few too many call backs and I really fucking hated porno, but there seemed to be enough in there so it’s not shit.

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don’t deny it

Ahh come on skagboys is better fun than the other two but it’s a bit of fan service. Trainspotting is the real deal