Trainspotting 2, new trailer

I’ve read that it’s only loosely based on Porno (which I still haven’t got round to reading) which is a bit worrying. Don’t want a whole load of crowd-pleasing references to the first film at the expense of a good story (if it is a good story).

I’ll definitely be watching anyway, would like to be pleasantly surprised or surprised by unpleasantness. Either would be good.

Ive not seen the trailer but its shit

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Looks alright, didn’t expect it to.

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Always feel like i’m being negative for the sake of it, but it genuinely doesn’t look very good to me. I love Trainspotting, but it’s such a seminal film, idk, a sequel just seems unecessary. Kind of liked the characters left the way they were. Obviously i’ll go and watch it, but more because it feels like an event than due to genuine interest or even morbid curiosity.

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Eh it’ll probably be alright, but not expecting greatness.

I’m really excited for this one. Must’ve watched the trailer about 10 times yesterday even though at first it looked more like an homage than a sequel.
I really have to disagree with Sheeldz who reckons that Porno is garbage, its not! Its a smartly written and very funny follow up to Trainspotting, albeit very different in tone and theme. I think (and hope) that most of the “Porno” elements of the book will be largely removed or changed for the film as i don’t think that they will translate very well on screen and base it more on Renton’s return to edinburgh and his reconnection (and in one case avoidance) with his old mates.
Skag boys is the one i struggled with, in fact i’ve been reading it off and on since it came out four years ago i just can’t seem to connect with it as much as the other two but hopefully i’ll finish it before the new film comes out.

that was quite emotional for some reason

actual film still stands a good chance of being shit though

cannot abide danny boyle anymore

cant imagine this being a good film or in any way interesting. dont understand why theres so much hype for it. like yeah, trainspotting is really good, but this is going to be terrible, surely?

Mildly interesting:

Trainspotting 2: The Spuddening



Looks really well shot but the whole thing could go either way. The choose Facebook/Instagram/Twitter stuff could be unbearably cringeworthy. If it makes a big deal out of that stuff it will feel about 5 years too late.

Not a huge fan of the first one but I’ll watch this out of curiosity and the hope it carries over some of the more surreal elements. Looking back through Danny Boyle’s stuff, the last thing I really like was Sunshine and that’s almost a decade old at this point.

No offence, but anyone who’s been a jakey for 20 years looks a bit worse than that.

None taken.


Soundtrack details:

No way this film isnt going to be awful


Was just looking up when this comes out. Turned out it’s when I’ll be in Austria for work, but also turns out there’s a cinema in Vienna that has it in English, and is showing it at a time when I’m in Vienna.

They dub everything into German otherwise, and I hate watching dubbed films.

Choose life.
Choose a sequel.
Choose Danny Boyle.
Choose swearing.
Choose a fucking big budget.
Choose a celebration of male venality.
Choose a flagrant cash grab.
Choose fan service.
Choose soiling a perfectly decent legacy.
Choose misappropriating an iconic property.
Choose brand extensions, sweet marketing opportunities and robust demographic feedback.
Choose sickly nostalgia porn.
Choose affected melancholy and tiresome self-awareness.
Choose soft-focus 8mm inserts.
Choose cosmetic jump-cuts and unnecessary freeze-frames.
Choose an unmemorable pop soundtrack that feels like it was culled from a drivetime radio playlist.
Choose a Prodigy remix of ‘Lust for Life’.
Choose the crushing realisation of creeping depression.
Choose archaic buzzwords and social media namechecks.
Choose awkward cameos by actors who look like they have a gun pressed to their lower spine.
Choose the decision to give Shirley Henderson barely any screentime.
Choose fuddy-duddy sub-Top Gear monologues.
Choose the type of doomsaying techno fear only seen in the letters pages of a Home Counties gardening circular.
Choose horrendously ugly visuals.
Choose having to emphasise just how horrendously ugly the visuals are.
Choose labouring a point to really stress how horrific this film looks.
Choose weak attempts at depicting cultural diversity.
Choose ostentatious sleeve tattoos and oversized flatscreen TVs.
Choose mis-firing comic asides.
Choose Snapchat filters.
Choose a female lead who couldn’t be less interesting if you literally forgot to write her any dialogue because you were too busy playing Pokemon Go.
Choose transforming Francis Begbie into the baddie out of Commando, the pouting prick with chainmail and a handlebar moustache.
Choose smug, unearned redemption.
Choose not having a story.
Choose not having any drama.
Choose a succession of increasingly idiotic and unlikely twists.
Choose needlessly explaining away everything that made the original so unique and interesting.
Choose tedious lad anecdotes and warmed-over wisdom bombs.
Choose artificial empathy and being told that it’s sad to get old.
Choose the sweet memory of PolyGram Filmed Entertainment.
Choose the vim and fire and dirt and sincerity of the original.
Choose a film that carps on about the innocent joys of childhood while urinating on yours.
Choose a final shot that’s staggering in its ineptness.
Choose wanting to bury your head in your hands.
Choose the horrible thought that someone, somewhere thought that this is what the world needed right now.
Choose having to write egregious concept reviews for arty film magazines.
Choose a film that feels like the ageing, obese foreman at a mayonnaise factory explaining the plot and characters of the original Trainspotting to his pet canary.
Choose forgiving, possibly.
Choose forgetting, definitely.
Choose life.

Little White Lies review.