Trainspotting 2 - spoiler free


Whopping good time. The humour is a bit more in your face and there are a couple of missteps but overall a damn good sequel. The call backs, which I’m not a fan of in general, are cleverly done and therefore not annoying; more nicely nostalgic.

Young fathers heavily featured which I heartily approve of.


I had no interest at all in this film until you just said “Young Fathers heavily featured”


any trains in it this time?


It’s about a young Glaswegian snooker player, jimmy trains.




Oh boy I absolutely hated it. The callbacks were VERY annoying (Hey it’s a bad toilet, remember that? And let’s bring Diane back for 30 seconds for no other reason than to do a joke about she was underage when they had sex. Remember that? From the first one?)

The only bits that did work were when they reflected on how much they’d fucked up (with Tommy etc) and the Young Fathers was a welcome distraction but otherwise I was willing for it to end. A massive misfire.


Oh and I hated the way it was shot. The lighting, the freeze frames. Urgh.


Fair enough.

You’re wrong but I can see why it would be easy to not buy in to it.


Nothing to do with Glasgow pal :wink:


LWL review is bang on -


That review is woeful, I wouldn’t trust something that corny. Looking forward to catching this film!


Saw it earlier, was much better than I imagined. Introspective, for sure, but also hilarious and full of pathos. Danny Boyle’s best since Slumdog for me, maybe even his best since the first Trainspotting



I know everyone slags off Slumdog Millionaire but I think it’s great. Plus it stopped that dumb Benjamin Button film from winning loads of Oscars.


Any other trainspotting 2 opinions for this thread?


it’s shit (not seen it)


I didn’t hate it… It was just irritating. Far, far, far too many nods to the first film. Occasionally the flashbacks made sense, then they’d fuck it up by having another two or three which may as well have come with massive knowing winks to camera.

Also, “I know what you should call it”. Fuck off.


really liked it, wasn’t expecting to, haven’t watched the original since it came out so I actually appreciated the call backs to the original as it helped me remember, they didn’t seem that shoehorned in to me, seemed fitting with characters living in the past. really liked how it looked, lots of inventive visual stuff, its weird how more films don’t do that stuff, seems like it is what films as a form should be there to do. thought it was quite affecting


Maaaaaan it was shat.


Really good, why can’t ppl just enjoy stuff