Fucking terrifying things. Big machines on the normal roads and walkways and stuff, usually in places where you’re not expecting them to be. If one’s coming towards you, you’re fucked. Can’t turn, can’t do anything, yet people act like they’re totally normal. So terrifying, genuinely. The area in front of Rotterdam station is a fucking nightmare, just have to keep spinning in circles while you walk to make sure you’re not about to be killed by a public death machine.

I like em. They keep you on your toes. There’s a complacency in the mindset of pedestrians in non-tram towns and cities which makes me want to throw up.

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I love trams, I’ll miss em when I leave this place. Dead easy, hop on hop off, none of this going 100m underground crap.

Yeah, they’re a nightmare. Can’t drill “DON’T GO ON TRAIN TRACKS” into us at school then put them through city streets, it’s cruel.


Damn it was just finding this.


Had a real problem with them when I was on holiday in Bordeaux. Massive things but really quiet given they’re electric

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Towns without trams really want trams. Leeds is gagging for trams. People are always thinking “where are our trams? Manchester has trams, why not us?”.

They won’t always admit this so don’t bother asking them.


Blackpool replaced all it’s old timey trams with boring new modern ones.

Good to race against:

I’ve never quite seen the point, I’d have thought buses are a lot more versatile. They look nice though, I am also partial to a trolleybus.

The public hath spoken (good sir doth my hat)!

There are pros and cons of both.

Trams are great. Should be everywhere.

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10th best thing about Nottingham, apparently.

Would be nice if they kept moving continuously and you could get on and off whenever you wanted

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A Patramoster

@epimer arrived already?


1th best thing about Croydon.

Have you seen the reopened Fairfield Halls?

It’s great.