Had a real problem with them when I was on holiday in Bordeaux. Massive things but really quiet given they’re electric

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Towns without trams really want trams. Leeds is gagging for trams. People are always thinking “where are our trams? Manchester has trams, why not us?”.

They won’t always admit this so don’t bother asking them.


Blackpool replaced all it’s old timey trams with boring new modern ones.

Good to race against:

I’ve never quite seen the point, I’d have thought buses are a lot more versatile. They look nice though, I am also partial to a trolleybus.

The public hath spoken (good sir doth my hat)!

There are pros and cons of both.

Trams are great. Should be everywhere.

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10th best thing about Nottingham, apparently.

Would be nice if they kept moving continuously and you could get on and off whenever you wanted

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A Patramoster

@epimer arrived already?


1th best thing about Croydon.

Have you seen the reopened Fairfield Halls?

It’s great.

I do like a tram, though it’s partly the novelty. Rode a lot of trams on our Interrail trip in the summer. The system for paying for trams in Prague is quite strange: you pay for up to 30 minutes / 90 minutes travel, but you don’t really know whether you’re going to get to your destination within 30 minutes (especially if you’re changing trams and you don’t really have a clue where you’re going). On a couple of occasions we had to disembark before the end of the journey as our ticket had expired.

However it’s cool that you can buy a ticket that allows you to ride a tram AND a funicular train for the same price.

I’ll be honest: I only did that because I’m contractually obliged to be the one to irk ynot about Croydon when the opportunity arises.

Mrs F has performed bellydancing at the Fairfield halls, we went to see Dylan Moran there once and once I had cup of coffee there during a break from a bike ride. I think that’s my entire Fairfiel experience covered.

I hate Manchester trams unless you are going south or to Mediacity they are absolutely terrible take forever to get anywhere. Going through Freehold at any time of the day is very dodgy. That is probably the kind term for it. (I think I have something against them that while valid is probably a bit unfair on the overall system)

Toronto’s and Milan’s are perfectly pleasant from the experience I’ve had on them.

The toot of the trams in Manchester always makes me happy. TOOT!


Some of the trams outside our office are really aggressive with their tooting & hooting.

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That’ll be the high cunt factor of people who think walking or cycling on the tram lines is fine.