Trancendental Meditation with David Lynch

I quite like the sound of this. Has anyone had a go ? Or is it some sort of weird cult and I’ll never see my family again…

youth hostelling with chris eubank


made up thing, doesn’t work

Looks like Wed Sep 18th 18:00

PRESTON Hotel foyer near motorway

is my only option…

I’ve done/do it. It’s fine but basically not much different to a lot of other meditation techniques and costs money where most are free/small donation to local buddhist centre.

It is marginally culty, more pyramid scheme-y than anything though.

Yogic Flying with Wim Wenders


They used to do this at Bestival, never went but it mostly seemed to be people going to see if David Lynch would show up and then fucking off again when he didn’t.

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Cleansing chakras with David Cronenberg


oh crikey. If he’s involved I’m out !

Been considering giving this a go now I live right by a meditation centre (?) But v aware it is probably a crock

it’s not a crock but i think they sell it as (and people expect it to have) some kind of magical effect on them which is a bit misleading

I did it, and practise it, and it has made massive changes in my day to day.

So yes, I’d recomend going along and seeing what you make of it, as i am a fucking skeptic as big as they come, and i do it 20 minutes, twice a day.

And now I am a film star.

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DM me with anything

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