Transfer Deadline Day

Thought I’d create a new football thread for this special day. There should be a lot going on.

Will Coutinho move to Barcelona?
Will Arsenal sell Sanchez and Oxlade-Chamberlain, and not sign anyone?
Where will Johnny Evans end up?

Ex United winger Nani has gone to Lazio.
Palace have stitched their attention to Mangala from Man City as an alternative to Sakho.

We need at least four signings, but I can’t see it happening. What does your club need?

Mahrez has checked into a London hotel!

This can only be good news for charlton fans!

Imo, Bournemouth need another CM, RB at a minimum. Could do with another CB, though I guess we have 4 now with Ake etc.
Liked us playing 3 CBs and wing backs, but don’t have the personnel for that formation tbh as we just only seem to be interested in trying to sign wingers…
Was reasonably happy with the start of our window but haven’t done anything since and we will be in a relegation scrap with about 7 other teams

Really kinda blown away by this announcement, the day before deadline day, that Arsenal don’t actually have any money, not even to replace the player we just sold for £40m. I guess Debuchy is now our back-up RB again? Good stuff.

Explanation seems to be it’s about FFP wage constraints but I find that hard to believe. We’ve freed up a lot of wages with player sales & loans whilst only signing two players - City and United have done much more significant & expensive business and are apparently fine (at least, City are fine enough to go for Sanchez). Even if the FFP thing were true then it demonstrates pretty spectacular mismanagement from everyone concerned, and I dunno how they were ever planning to get Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain on to new deals anyway if things were that tight.

It’s surely a lie, but I just can’t get my head around it at all. Only explanation I can come up with is that the board/Gazidis is withholding funds from Wenger or something?? Baffling,

Wenger’s new contract is actually £1billion-per-week


And it’s live!

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From the Sky Sports website:




Sanchez to City , Mahrez to Arsenal , some dickhead to somewhere

Remember to add #bbcfootball to any of your deadline day tweets today guys, and the BBC will probably publish it in what seems to be an attempt to drive people away from paying the licence fee.

It’s a classic bargaining strategy. Tell everyone you don’t have any money and can only afford to pay £30mil for Jordan Ibe

this is beautiful

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I love him so much (not actually of course he’s an absolute weapon but you know)

BBC feed made the exact same joke :roll_eyes:

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Teams could probably raffle their players. Surely arsenal could get 100 clubs to buy a £1m ticket for Sanchez, then do a draw later. Think of the excitement (and not of the logistical issues)!


According to Swedish news Sanchez had a medical at City yesterday

Just found out that Wilifried Bony is still at Man City (for now). I had no idea he even signed for them!

Surely going to be relatively quiet today, with deadline day falling in the international break. Are players going to be able to get off duty to go do medicals and stuff?