Transfer deadline day!


Jim white!

No cynicism please. Arsenal have already accidentally confirmed aubameyang on their website


Every transfer deadline day since the one amazing one’s been bobbins.


Adebayo Akinfenwa spotted at Chelsea airport


Jim White getting his own entrance on SSN as one of the worst things ever


I remember this kicking off one deadline day




if harry redknapp isn’t talking out of a car window, is it really transfer deadline day?


Gotta be honest lads don’t really care for all the manufactured hype and bants around the January transfer window.



  • Auba to arsenal
  • Giroud to Chelsea
  • Mahrez to city
  • Fred to city
  • Mangler to Everton
  • Jorgensen to Newcastle
  • Jevans to anywhere
  • Ozil to anywhere
  • Zlat to America
  • None of these

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Wonder what colour tie he’ll wear


If Giroud goes to Chelsea he’ll score an absolute shedload


105 goals for Arsenal.
169 starts.



Pretty good looking, to boot


Actual signs of Arsenal’s decline too, didn’t expect it to be this fast.


Would be VERY funny if they lose the fax machine and aubameyang doesn’t join, and Giroud fucks off to win the world cup single handedly


Genius prank


Kinda sad though, I live in an area that’s predominantly gooners and as much as they’re over entitled embarrassing little whingebags it is quite a nice atmosphere when they win the cup or something.


I don’t so fuck 'em


Batshuayi off to Dortmund


Aubameyang having a medical now. Looks like the 3 way swap is ON