Transformer Tuesday

Happy Tuesday

Start your day right and watch this video


And continue it by reading/watching this:


Pfft. They’re no go-bots


I assumed this would be about Lou Reed

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It is. That’s Lou Reed dressed as Optimus Prime.


Parent on bus letting their kid watch really loud, screechy youtube videos with no headphones

  • They should be put in prison forever
  • Oh, which YouTube videos?

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…then maybe round off a solid morning by looking at this lovely picture of some cows and a dog getting along famously.


I wish I could be as happy as that Dog

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Morning all :wave:

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Morning all!

I managed to leave my prescription sunglasses at home like an idiot today. It was cloudy when I left for work so I didn’t think about it, but it got sunnier throughout the drive and now I feel like a fool.

I’ve got a busy day, which is a bit of a pain, but does mean that it should hopefully zoom past.

:wave: morning Witches!

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Morning folks,

Nothing planned at all today. Absolutely nothing.

Might do an hour in the garden, find somewhere for coffee and read for an hour, do the same in a pub only with ale and a book and then settle in for the night with some form of televisual entertainment.

Might also get a little funky in the kitchen.

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How did the gym go, Witches?

At least buy me dinner first.


I feel like i’m in the best mood i’ve been in since the start of the year. Must be due to holiday approaching.

I have the builder and my bfs mum coming over tonight to finalise what’s happening with the bathroom whilst we’re away. It’s got to be done but I just want to pack/lounge about in my pjs.


Good morning all! Lovely day out. Determined to have a productive day at work today… let’s see.

edit: oh wait lol time trials on today. Semi productive it is

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morning everyone!

gonna need some cheering up. my throat feels abominable and i have spotty, itchy rashes on my arms and legs :confused:

Have you gargled with salt? or soluble paracetamol?

I’ve got some penicillin from the doctor that i need to take 2 pills of 4 times a day, will probably gargle with salt later though.

That’ll make you feel better soon! I find gargling with the paracetomols helps loads and just generally makes you feel better.

Do you have some probitotics you can take? Cause for me penicillin = welcome to thrush town