Transphobia #SSP

That’s disgusting :rage:

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yeah, I mean, the line drawn there is kind of an obvious consequence of how rights can easily collapse once they are reserved for one group & witheld from another (there are some classic examples of this).

Once you see it in this context it’s like ‘Fuck! It’s so obvious that would happen’…but it hadn’t struck me before and I certainly haven’t seen the clear line drawn anywhere else in this ‘debate’ about denial of trans rights leading to direct negative consequence for abortion & other reproductive rights (whereas denial of trans rights has been more discussed as a coded message & lever against gay rights)

I mean, it should be that no further argument is needed than ‘Trans Rights are Human Rights’ but someone ought to shake the TERFs into seeing that denying Trans Rights is a massive own goal for an entire raft of feminist principles and real world outcomes for women

It’s well fucked up


I’ve definitely encountered an attitude from that generation of self-labelled feminists of “I put up with a right load of shit in my day, how dare you speak up and want to change things rather than have to suffer how I did”

Nice to hear Labour is still failing to acknowledge complaints about prejudice.

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Unfortunately it’s increasingly, frustratingly apparent that transphobes are much more concerned with blocking trans rights than protecting and advancing women’s.


I know that rights for Polish women (cis and otherwise) have been steadily taken away for a few years now, with lots of protests happening about abortion being made more difficult (if not outright illegal). It makes sense that they would use transphobia as another excuse to defund services further.

makes sense is horrible wording, I mean that them being bigots is no surprise


good to have Mr Peanutbutter onside


This is a small nugget of hope in what’s happening atm


Ffs that headline.

Absolutely bodied by the rest of that text though


Nah it’s a good review and basically just brushes off criticism of her as some internet trolls causing trouble.

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Didn’t read the whole thing, was just amused at the absolute pissweak faint praise of “the War and Peace of crime novels in length if not ambition”


God there’s such an issue with the word ‘trolling’ these days where it has become divorced entirely from its actual meaning to become ‘someone made fun of me online’.

I also massively cringe every time i see the word. It’s like a rage comic or some c.2011 meme