Transphobia #SSP

bit weird


Apparently it was because Kylie is boring

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won’t link it because it’s a dumpster fire but the Bank Of England tweeted a picture of their building lit up in blue, pink and white for Transgender Awareness Week and got ratio’d by legions and legions of outraged melts.

Britain is a hellscape.


I mean it’s a bit of a weird take to claim a lack of position on anything political == boring?

Seems reasonable to ask and thus possibly make a few TERFs question if they should be on the wrong side of the discussion, I reckon.

But maybe it’s because I know LS believes in trans rights and I saw her trying to reason with Hadley Freeman on Twitter that I would see this as an attempt to help trans rights issues. Australia seems very pro-trans so it was a pretty sure bet she’d get an at least vaguely positive response.

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Quick aside: I don’t think the term “trans debate” is a good one for allies to be using. There’s no “debate” about whether trans & nonbinary folk should get to exist. We just do.

I know you didn’t mean anything by it but I think terminology is important here. Framing trans people or transphobia as something that can be debated really plays into the hands of those who want to dress their prejudice and fear up as some kind of rational concern.


Yeah good point. I’ll flag it for update


Who by, me, or LS? I think LS meant in terms of good copy.

The word boring wasn’t in either quote. You seemed to be extrapolating/editorialising

Media coverage aside this covers a lot of the points - probably not news for most people in this thread. I’ll soon be at three years on the NHS waiting list, it will almost certainly be at least another three years until I am seen. If it happens at all. I can’t afford the upcoming annual private appointment I’m supposed to have for my GP surgery to prescribe, so if my GP refuses to prescribe when they realise I haven’t had one then it’s basically game over for me.


Thanks for sharing this, sad and tough to read the thread but really insightful and eye-opening. Really sickening that we live in a country that is capable of being so hateful and backwards.

(None of my business and sure you’re already aware, but there’s the @DiSRainyDayFund and think it’s still in surplus from earlier in the year)


My ‘We are not a hate group’ t-shirt is prompting a lot of questions answered by my shirt.

Imagine coming up with the hashtag SayYesToHate and not having a ‘are we the baddies’ moment.


Tfw you’re not a hate group and say no to criminal behaviour, but you’re out here supporting hate crime



Pretty instructive that the most thorough investigation of this has not come from a journalist, but an actor

I know he’s often the subject of ridicule, but when he’s right, he’s right (click through to read thread)


Still can’t believe that quote from an NHS spokesperson being deliberately crafted to create more hate against transgender people, it’s not even coded or softened, straight up 'these people are costing YOU, nice normal taxpayer, a whole lot of money. How is that allowed??? This country is fucked. I’m fucked.