Never knew this band existed, but in the last couple of weeks have heard them referenced three times, so wanted to see if we’ve got any Trapt fans here!

It started with this:

and this great burn that followed (and continued to follow with many more):

Most recently it’s this:

and from what I can tell, their one hit was this:

Remember them being on Kerrang TV and the name of the song. Dont remember how the song went and not willing to find out

I also remember them being on Kerrang TV and the name of the song, but I just had to listen didn’t I? I had to click on that YouTube link and hear this thin, reedy, strained voice trying to be heard over some utterly unmemorable riffs.

Love Ice T’s response :smiley:

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I bet Trapt never updated Suicidal Tendencies for the 2000s!

Headstrong is the gruntiest, fartiest song ever released. Finding out that they’re dumb, bad people warms my heart.

This is a very rude statement though.

Yeah, I’d be pissed off if I was in 311


My sweet boys just want to spread a message of peace and unity through a comforting blend of rock, rap, and reggae.

Trapt, at it again.

Wait is this a different band from other Blink wannabes MEST?

Trapt and Mest are very different bands!

I haven’t heard of MEST, but Trapt are the grunty MAGA nu metal titans who did Headstrong.

Mest? The band Trapt could have been!

CW: Sexual abuse, the ‘r’ word

Seems like Trapt fella went off one on about statutory rape and…