Trash kit tonight London

A friend is visiting fr ok m abroad and was desperately trying to find shit to do. Missed out on Puce Mary tix for yesterday so made sure I got tix for trash kit. Not familiar with them but used to go to UTR shows a lot. Turns out it’s the third choice for tonight. Can send two tix via dice app up until 4 if anyone just wants then? CBA to go through the whole process of even attempting to sell or whatever

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Has 2 tixs to giveaway for Trash Kit in London tonight, can send via Dice app to whoever wants them.

Yeah, didn’t proof read that at all. Still…

Just dropped you a pm

well jel of people going tonight, i’m too ill :cry:

I’m working but Trash Kit are great, were excellent supporting Deerhoof

They’re doing another extended line-up show, with a choir, violin, sax and a harp.

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