You ever call the bin a trashcan so you can see how it feels to be an American for a little bit?

That question above that I asked about Trashcans
  • I have, yeah
  • Maybe, can’t remember
  • No, I haven’t, not interested
  • No, I haven’t, might do so in future though

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Sometimes I call it a garbage pail cause it annoys Mrs F.


Nice! That’s even more exotic!

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Might start referring to la poubelle

in america there were a few words like that where i knew if i used my word they wouldn’t know what i meant and would just look at me confused until i used their word but I REFUSED TO GIVE IN

‘excuse me, where’s the bin?’
‘the what?’
‘the bin’
‘yeah a bin. a fucking bin. i know you know what this is, so get to fuck. WHERES THE FUCKING BIN’

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trash metal