Travel assistance required (LME-based)

Going to Craven Cottage on Saturday (5.30pm kick off… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) and driving down to London. Thinking there are a couple of options:
Opt 1 - Drive to the suburbs (somewhere) and park up then get the tube; Putney Bridge looks best option
Opt 2 - Drive closer to the ground, park up, and walk. Think this is the least appealing. But I might be wrong.

Need some help with the detail though.
All (sensible) suggestions welcome. Ta

you might as well park quite far out if you’re getting the tube, the traffic will be so shit as you get more central

that said, i don’t drive and i’ve lived in zone 1/2 for ten years so fuck knows

Driving from where?

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Hire a stretch hummer to take you from door to door

I’m not LME, but how about getting an overground train to Putney? maybe from Hounslow? 22 minutes according to National Rail, saves pissing about stopping at a zillion tube stops.

This - if you’re coming from somewhere north-ish (down the M1/A1M), head for Stanmore tube.

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Hounslow itself is a bastard to park in at weekends though; parking restrictions till 6 or 6:30. Maybe somewhere like Mortlake or something might be a bit easier.

Yeah I’m not sure the best one but this is the route map serving Putney

Edit: Will be driving down the M40

Hillingdon or Ickenham have decent sized car parks just off the M40. Piccadilly Line to Earls Court then change to District Line.

Alternatively as ccb says, take a look at South West Trains car parks off the M3; Feltham has one, although it’s small from memory, Whitton might have off street parking that isn’t too bad (check the local council website to see if it’s in a parking zone that applies on Saturdays. Don’t bother with Hounslow or Isleworth stations. Do double check that nothing’s on at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday if going this way though.

Eng v Aus at Twickenham. 3pm kick off…

Then don’t bother with the SWT route. you’ll find it a nightmare to get convenient parking.

Was just looking at Uxbridge…

doesn’t have it’s own car park, although there’s a fair few public ones nearby.

I used this when dealing with a similar problem once. Was good

OK - Hillingdon Tube Station is looking a possible.


@anon76851889 ?

It’s what I’d try - and if it’s full you’ve got Ickenham not far away to give a go.

yeah, don’t even go anywhere near Twickenham / SW London, will be a nightmare everywhere

This applies in general, not just to Saturday, too.

NCP at Hillingdon is £2.60 all day
Piccadilly to Earls Court
District to Putney

Total travel time on tube is under an hour.

Thanks folks